Lastdates Appointed as an Authorized Representative of VerifyD to Advance Document Security and Trust

Leading Document Security Company Collaborates with Authorized Representative to Protect Organizations Against Fraud and Counterfeiting 

Canada - 15 August 2023 - verifyd inc. the industry leader in letterheads 3.0 today announced Lastdates as authorized representative of VerifyD. This strategic partnership brings forth a cutting-edge document security platform that ensures unparalleled protection against fraud, unauthorized alterations, and counterfeit practices.

Revolutionizing Document Security
VerifyD's cutting-edge document security platform introduces a transformative approach to safeguarding sensitive information. By assigning a unique URL to every document and harnessing the potential of blockchain technology, VerifyD ensures the immutability of each record, making them resistant to tampering and securely stored on the VerifyD server. Real-time blockchain recording creates an indisputable audit trail, significantly enhancing document integrity and fostering trust.

Effortless Document Retrieval and Organization
VerifyD's platform offers efficient record organization through advanced software, guaranteeing easy document retrieval even after extended periods. This streamlined approach streamlines document management, boosting productivity and eliminating the time-consuming process of locating historical records.

A Stronghold Against Fraud and Counterfeiting
VerifyD's robust system eradicates counterfeit letterheads and fraudulent documents, safeguarding organizations' brand reputation and ensuring document authenticity. Businesses will no longer suffer from reputational damage due to forged documents or unauthorized alterations.

Empowering Organizations with Document Monitoring
VerifyD's platform empowers organizations to monitor the issuance of documents bearing their letterheads. By staying informed about the issuance and recipients of these documents, organizations maintain strict control over their brand image and prevent misuse by unauthorized parties.

Lastdates' role as an authorized representative of VerifyD signifies a commitment to promoting the highest standards of document security and trustworthiness. Their dedication extends to assisting global businesses and institutions in seamlessly integrating VerifyD's platform into their document management systems.
This strategic partnership marks a watershed moment in document security practices. Organizations are encouraged to embrace this opportunity to bolster their document integrity, protect their brand reputation, and pave the way for a secure and trusted future.

About VerifyD
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