How to setup your account at VerifyD

You must have received this kind of email as shown in the screenshot given below:

Now click on "Proceed to Logify - Accept/Reject" button

It will take you to login screen. You need to login with your existing logify account or create a new account with your personal email id, not the work email id. 

Enter your personal email and click on "Next" button. If you use Gmail account then it will ask you to authenticate your account with google or if its not Gmail account, it will go to registration screen directly.

Now fill the details and enter the otp that you have received in your mail box and click on Signup button. 

Now you will reach to this screen:

Now select the Email address ownership type and click on "accept button". 

After accepting you will get this type of screen:

Now you need to close this window. Now open 

Go to login button. Enter the login details and then you will reach to this kind of screen:

Now, to access your account as employee of Demo Company you need to click on the button given on the right side of your name and you will have all the permissions granted by Demo Company.

Or if you want to use VerifyD for personal use then click on "Continue as Individual" button. You can use personal account to verify the documents that has been issued to you and keep record of documents issued to you.

If you need any support at any point, Email us at : Our one of expert member will reach you within 24 hours.

About VerifyD

VerifyD  provides an innovative solution known as Letterhead 3.0. This technology redefines the way organizations secure their letterheads and document authenticity. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and incorporating advanced security features, Letterhead 3.0 offers an invulnerable defense against fraudulent practices, counterfeit letterheads, and unauthorized alterations. This solution guarantees that your organization's letterheads remain tamper-proof and retain their trustworthiness. With Letterhead 3.0 from VerifyD, you can have full confidence that your official documents are held to the highest standards of security and authenticity. Learn more at